Nose Landing Gear

F-15 Eagle

When the 50,000-pound F-15 Eagle sets down its wheels after a long mission, the front end comes to a rest on a nose landing gear orifice support tube made right here at VSS. Each part takes 18 months to produce under exacting standards.

Titanium Wave Guide

Used in various military sight and acquisition systems

This wave guide assembly is precision machined from titanium and assembled. The parts must be within a .001 profile tolerance in a free state before assembly.

Structural Guide Vane

Turbofan Jet Engine

High volume machining of carbon composite structural guide vanes for turbofan engines.


Bolt Action .308 Rifle

We manufacture bolt action rifle components, including receivers and bolts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customers we serve are the largest firearms OEMs in the United States.

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